Ex-boyfriend burns girlfriends house and car, claims it was an accident

[Why did you do it?] It was an accident" suspect Alfredo Leija said.

An accident, that has now left a family homeless.

Jamie Adriano claims this is the second time Leija has abused her, she said she hopes other women will learn from what happened to her and get out of an abusive relationship.

He says you are going to get what you deserve" Adriano said.

This is the threat Adriano claims 44 year old Alfredo Leija made minutes before he set her car on fire.

She said she was at home watching a movie with a friend, when she heard the front door to her house close.

It was Leija who walked in.

"He went outside I guess he had it planned he went to get gas" Adriano said.

Adriano said she ran to the car and never imagined what was about to happen.

It was scary because I was trying to push him out and I was trying to get out and he was pouring gasoline in there and he was saying [if I can TMt have you nobody can] Adriano said.

Adriano said she ran and within seconds the car was on fire.

She couldn't believe the nightmare that was happening.

She said all she could do is scream, as her son was trying to put out the burning flames to her car, the blaze quickly moved to the home.

"I mean I TMm left with nothing I mean no car no house my little puppy died I lost everything" Adriano said.

Santa Rosa Police received a tip he was seen walking off White Ranch Road and within minutes they were able to catch him off the overpass of White Ranch and Expressway 83.

The Adriano family is asking for help.

If you wish to donate an account has been set-up at BBVA Compass Bank under Juanita Adriano.

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