Ex-DA known for pulling stunts gets arrested, then let go

Juan Angel Guerra is no stranger to the law, both sides of it.

The former Willacy County' district attorney was escorted in handcuffs into a Cameron County courtroom after their DA's office issued a Writ of Attachment for him.

"The judge ordered his arrest since he didn't show up to court last week," said Assistant DA Matthew Kendall.

Court records show that case is is civil forfeiture lawsuit filed in the 404th State District Court back in July 2009.

Before the judge entered the courtroom, Guerra said to his attorney that he didn't have to be in court for that and he was in his right not to show up.

But when Judge Elia Cornejo Lopez took the bench, his attorney took over promising his client would be at the next scheduled court appearance.

"This is a very serious matter," Judge Lopez told Guerra and his attorney Florencio Lopez.

There is a large sum of money involved in a ponzi scheme case that Guerra was a defense attorney in.

It's unaccounted for and that is why the court has requested more from Guerra including documentation of funds he collected during the time he represented the defendant in that case.

"It's about $150,000 that is owed," said Kendall.

Nobody seems to be sure where the money.

"Everybody wants to know where the money is," Guerra's defense attorney said. "We are going to provide our accounting."

Judge Lopez made it clear that Guerra cannot disappear again and must hand over written documentation of where he resides since he was found near Houston today, but claims to live in Sebastian.

He complied and asked for a personal recognizance bond which is when his past came back to haunt him.

"When he was in trouble in Willacy County, he was ordered to stay in town and he went to Mexico, took pictures and told the sheriff to arrest him," said Kendall.

Guerra also set up a mobile home and goats outside the sheriff's office to pressure them into arresting him since he called the investigation against him at the time a joke.

He assured the judge in this court he wouldn't pull any stunts this time.

Guerra has to appear again in 21 days and produce the documents about the money within that time.