Ex-employee questions juvenile detention abuse allegations

Evins Regional Juvenile Center

The State Inspector General continues to investigate allegations brought against two employees for using excessive force with youth and tampering or fabricating physical evidence by the director of security at the Evins Regional Juvenile Center.

A former employee of the center is skeptical of the charges.

Every time you walk through that door you don TMt know what TMs going to happen, the ex-employee who does not want to be named said.

He said security officers endure constant torment by youth inside the center.

"You end up with punches in the face. We get kicked on, bit, spit on... I mean you name it, we go through it," he said.

Officers monitor youth with offenses ranging from minor to harder crimes.

"Some of these are gang members -- there TMs rapist, murders, thieves, you name it, they TMre there, for real crimes," he said.

The ex-employee said officers are trained to handle situation that become violent.

"They teach us, you know, physical training, he said. There is only a certain way you can place your hands on them, but hey don TMt understand some of these kids are big and strong, stronger than us."

He said those who work directly with the juveniles need more support from the detention centers administration.

"They definitely need to show the men and women working there a lot more support; they need to put themselves in our shoes," he said.

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