Ex-husband attempts to veer vehicle with woman, boyfriend off the road

A man is accused of attempting to veer his ex-wife TMs vehicle off the road while she was with her boyfriend and child on a shopping trip.

The incident happened on the 800 block of Hortencia Boulevard.

Authorities said Jose Arnoldo Limon saw the victim, the child and her boyfriend while he was at the HEB on Southmost Road in Brownsville.

Limon and the victim are the parents of the seven-year-old.

The victim reportedly told officers that her boyfriend was driving her vehicle, with her and her seven-year-old child inside.

Brownsville police said Limon followed his ex-wife TMs vehicle, and attempted to veer them off the road.

The victim TMs boyfriend had to avoid from being hit by 29-year-old Limon.

No injuries were reported from the incident.

Officers arrested Limon at his home on the 1200 block of Fruitdale Street soon after he attempted to veer his ex-wife TMs vehicle off the road.

Authorities charged Limon with three counts of aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.

A bond is currently pending.