Ex-husband rammed vehicle into woman TMs car

Pedro Enrique Licona // Brownsville PD

Authorities arrested a man just an hour after he allegedly rammed his vehicle into his ex-wife TMs car.

The incident happened on 2100 block of FM 802 Tuesday.

As police arrived on Price Road and Paredes Line Road with the victim of the assault call, she reportedly told officers she didn TMt know why her ex-husband, Pedro Enrique Licona hit her vehicle.

The victim denied attention from EMS.

The Brownsville Police Department arrested 34-year-old Licona within the hour of the crash as he was entering his apartment complex parking lot on the 400 block of Jose Marti.

No injuries were reported from the incident.

Authorities charged Licona with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon/motor vehicle.

A bond is currently pending for the 34-year-old.