Ex-lover charged as 'mastermind' of Alamo acid attack

Eugenio Martinez wore a bullet proof vest as he faced an Alamo judge Wednesday afternoon.

He is charged with aggravated assault and tampering with evidence, after allegedly being involved in an acid attack.

"Through the Texas Rangers and our department we were able to zero in on this person," said Alamo Chief Arturo Espinoza.

Martinez, who now lives in Austin, used to live in Pharr.

Police said, at one time, he and the victim both taught at North Alamo Elementary.

Chief Espinoza said the case is still under investigation, but hinted that a past relationship between the victim and Martinez could have spurred the attack.

"It looks like her ex-boyfriend," said Espinoza.

The attack, which took place almost a month ago at 13th and Nebraska, has haunted the man who was first to respond.

"I was here, working in my house and I heard someone yelling for help," said Lupe.

He said he ran over to help and the sight he saw will forever be engraved in his mind.

Not only that, he said the mood around his neighborhood has changed and people have become scared.

He hopes now things can go back to normal.

Police believe Martinez hired two other people to help him with this attack.

"There was a $1500 amount mentioned...again this is only speculation and we're not sure if that was the given amount," said Espinoza.

One of the two suspects is already in police custody on unrelated charges.

As for Martinez, he was given a $1 million dollar bond.

His lawyers asked for a lower bond, stating he is not a flight risk, that request is being reviewed.