Ex-Sheriff Lupe Trevino gets special permission to visit son in prison

LEFT: Jonathan Trevino // File Photo

Former Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino received special permission to leave the Rio Grande Valley to visit his son Jonathan Trevino in federal prison.

Trevino is out on bond and under strict travel conditions but is expected to be sentenced for money laundering on July 17th.

The former sheriff faces 20 years in federal prison for money laundering after allegedly accteping cash from Weslaco-based drug trafficker Tomas "El Gallo" Gonzalez.

But just earlier this week, Trevino filed a motion asking U.S. District Court Judge Micaela Alvarez to allow him to leave the Rio Grande Valley.

Trevino asked Judge Alvarez for permission to visit his son Jonathan Trevino at the Karnes City Federal Corrections Institution near San Antonio.

Jonathan Trevino is currently serving a 17-year federal prison sentence for his role in the Panama Unit scandal where drug traffickers teamed up with corrupt law enforcement officers.

Court records show that federal prosecutors did not oppose the former sheriff's request to visit his son.

Judge Alvareez approved the request giving ex-Sheriff Trevino permission to visit his son on Thursday but to return home that same day. .

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