Ex-task force officers formally charged in drug scheme

The investigation into these men started back in august and lasted through November.

It wasn't until Wednesday that Mission Police Officers Alexis Espinoza and Jonathon Trevino were picked up by federal agents.

Now they, along with two Hidalgo County Sheriff Deputies are being charged with possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino kept his word and walked into the federal courthouse. Ready to support his son, Jonathan Trevino.

"I know there are millions of parents out there that know what I'm going through, said Sheriff Trevino. He's my son and I'm going to support him. He will be held accountable for his actions if they're proven to be righteous."

Trevino, Fabian Rodriguez, and Gerado Duran were read the charges against them. Their bond set at $100,000.

However, they most likely won't be released until Monday pending their homes are cleared. Making sure they're in compliance with the restrictions placed on their release.

A fourth, Alexis Espinoza was charged with the same crime on Thursday.

Espinoza's attorney, Al Alvarez said, he doesn't consider this a big case--because of the amount of drugs that were involved.

"The only thing that makes this a big case is that they are part of the law enforcement community, said Alvarez. What I mean by that is that they have family members that are, in my case, the father is the police chief for the city of hidalgo. That's the only reason this is a big case."

But according to court documents released on Thursday, the four members of the Panama Unit are accused of stealing cocaine and helping to escort loads safely out of Hidalgo County in exchange for thousands of dollars.

Alvarez said, to his knowledge, there is no physical evidence.

"There's yet to be any cocaine produced that was caught by anybody, at least by my client, said Alvarez. That is being initialed at this point."