Exclusive: Wendy Davis one-on-one

Wendy Davis discusses issues affecting the RGV

State Senator Wendy Davis is on the campaign trail tonight.

She's known for her support of a woman's right to choose.

It's no secret where she stands on abortion restrictions.

She supports keeping abortion clinics open but tells Action 4 News she doesn't want to see any babies killed before they're even born.

She simply wants to give women the option of terminating their pregnancy if they choose to.

"(Joey Horta): The opponents of that will say, people who support that, they're baby killers. That's what they say. How do you respond to that?"

(Davis): The goal that we should have is that we see zero abortions but in order to achieve that goal we have to make sure women are recieving the kind of healthcare and planning that they deserve," said State Sen. Wendy Davis.

But what about other big issues affecting the Valley?

Tonight we sit down for an exclusive indepth interview with the only democratic candidate for governor.

We ask the tough questions and she answers them only on Action 4 News at 10.

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