Expired voter registration cards worry voters

A real close friend of mine called me and said that the voter registration cards are not any good, said Cecelia Bagley.

She and Jim got married last year.

They registered for new Voter ID cards and got them about six months ago.

They thought the cards would last two years.

Instead, they expired in December.

Our cards| they expired December 31st, said Cecelia Bagley.

With the primary three months away, this Harlingen couple want new cards quick.

Somebody put the wrong year in the computer or didn TMt update it or something, said Jim Bagley.

Cecelia Bagley took action into her own hands.

She called the Cameron County Department of Elections and Voter Registration.

"And the lady told me they've been getting a lot of complaints," said Cecelia Meade.

Action 4 News spoke with Election Administrator Roger Ortiz by phone.

He said new cards will be in voters' hands by April.

We TMve got a deadline to meet as far as mailing the voter registration certificates, said Ortiz.

Ortiz said the reason for the delay was redistricting.

After changes made to district maps, Cecelia and Jim may not be in the same precinct listed on their expired cards.

I know in my precinct, I TMm going to be in a different precinct from what it was before, and that TMs what a lot of people are going to see, said Ortiz.

Jim and Cecelia hope other Valley voters will practice their same vigilance, watching for new cards in the mail and upholding their right to vote.

Election officials told us voter registration cards do last two years, but they go in cycles.

If you request a new card in the middle of the cycle, you will not get the full two years.

Primary elections are May 29.

Any runoff elections will be held July 31st.

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