Facebook page spreads vicious rumors about unsuspecting teens

It TMs a facebook page with more than a thousand likes but not everyone who visits it supports it.

Among those who object are the people featured in the posts on the page, which when translated from Spanish is called "The Biggest Sluts In The Valley."

It asks followers to send in pictures along with any information about the girl or boy TMs alleged immoral behavior and a link to that person's facebook page.

The page creator encourages followers to message these people and harass them.

Some of the girls on the page are clearly teenagers and the posts call them names, make accusations about their sex lives, claiming they have AIDS.

The posts include what high school they go to and where they work.

It's sounds like child's play to some, but experts say defaming someone's character can have long lasting effects.

Cyberbullying and social media harassment expert Jayne Hitchcock was a victim of cyberstalking and now speaks to teens across the country about what they are putting online.

"Someone pretended to be me and also bullied me," Hitchcock told Action 4 News.

Action 4 News contacted her about the Facebook fan page in the Rio Grande Valley.

"They need to fix their privacy settings today," said about the victimes. "They don TMt have to give their phone number."

Hitchcock says the creator of this page can be caught and face serious consequences.

"They are not anonymous," Hitchcock said. "They can be found. Police know how to track their IP address. If they are posting pictures of underage girls without their permission, they can be in serious trouble."

Action 4 News flagged the page, reported it to Facebook and contacted Facebook's press room to get the page removed.

Facebook assures us they are looking at the page closely.

After our report aired, most of the pictures had been removed from the page.

Hitchcock says a police report has to be made if someone feels they are victimized online. Police can subpoena Facebook for that person TMs IP address.

If someone feels they are a victim of the page in question or any social media bullying, harassment, or stalking, they can get free information and advice from Jayne Hitchcock at