Facebook posts lead to the capture of La Villa's 'Most Wanted'

Jose Rostro

The last of three suspects linked to one of La Villa's worst cases of child sex abuse has been charged.

Jose Rostro was given a bond totaling $1 million for his alleged role with parties where gang members would sexually molest children, according to police.

But the 23-year-old suspect is denouncing charges that he sexually abused numerous children under the age of 7.

It's a big lie man, said Jose. It's just a lie man."

Police Chief Mario Leal couldn't disagree more and calls the details in the case against him monstrous in nature.

Rostro is accused of giving two other fellow alleged gang members access to children, some as young as 4, to be sexually abused.

"I'm sorry the details are not very good... It's very sickening, the chief said.

Although trying to stay low-key, Rostro kept up-to-date with his Facebook, and posts led police to see where he was hiding out.

U.S. Marshals arrested the Rostro in late March on a dairy farm nearly 2,000 miles away in Rochester, New York.

He was then extradited back to the valley to face child sex abuse charges.

Chief Leal is thankful Facebook posts led authorities right to him before he could flee to Mexico as a police source said he planned to do.

"We're not the first ones and we're not going to be the last ones, said Leal. Law enforcement all over the State of Texas and the United States are using this to listen in on their communications... Their conversations."

Rostro wants the public to know that police have it all wrong. It wasn't me." said Jose.

Police believe there may be more victims and are asking anyone with more information to step forward.

Although innocent until proven guilty, people have been sharing on Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook wall about what kind of punishment Jose Rostro should receive if he's found guilty.

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