Facebook threat to land student in jail

Source: KGBT

A student at Weslaco High posting a threat on Facebook promoting concern among parents and students.

Weslaco Police Chief Michael Kelley told Action 4 News two rival car clubs got into a brawl on campus Thursday which lead to five students getting suspended.

Chief Kelley said one of the five posted a threat on Facebook claiming he was going to return to the to the school with a gun on Friday.

Weslaco Police beefed up patrols in the area.

At noon on Friday, police pulled over a driver a vehicle, and found one of the suspended students inside.

Chief Kelley confirmed it was not the student that made the Facebook threat.

The Chief stresses the situation is under control and parents should remain calm, because students are safe.

Weslaco administrators said the school is not on lockdown.

Chief Kelley says once the student is found, he will be charged with making a terroristic threat.