~Fake TM Justin Bieber Tweet spreads quickly through social media

Fake Tweets spreads on social media

A false rumor has been spreading about a Tweet with Justin Bieber TMs name on it, but that Tweet was not written by Bieber himself.

Wow I TMve never been to a place that TMs sooo dirty with sooo many mexicans. what TMs sad is they think it TMs nice. #ghetto #mcallen, the fake Tweet read.

The Tweet was created after Justin Bieber was indeed with Selena Gomez at Don Pepe TMs Mexican restaurant in McAllen, Action 4 News confirmed through the restaurant's manager.

The negative Tweet was not sent by Justin Bieber himself, but it sparked outrage on social media.

The Tweet in question did not have a verified blue checkmark nor has Bieber Tweeted since Thursday, March 6th.

~Belibers TM surged onto the floors of the mall in McAllen, where despite the false negative Tweet, fans waited to see Bieber.

La Plaza mall quickly debunked the rumor of Bieber shopping at Foot Locker by sending out, Rumor Alert: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are NOT at La Plaza Mall, on their @LaPlazaMall Twitter account.

The mall confirmed they had reached capacity and would be shutting down due to the hazard the large amount of people posed in regards to safety.

La Plaza mall will reopen tomorrow, and Selena Gomez is set to perform at Borderfest in Hidalgo.

Remember that Photoshop exists and can be used for more than just airbrushing fashion models in magazines, according to the New York Public Library TMs website.

The Tweet in question has been debunked. Bieber did not send a negative Tweet about the Rio Grande Valley or McAllen from his verified Twitter account.