Fallen Soldier Honored

One look inside the Gonzalez home and it's easy to see how much they love their son.

The oldest of four, Alex Gonzalez, joined the Army at 19.

As a high school student Alex knew he wanted to serve, but his parents warned him of the dangers that would await him.

He took the oath to defend the flag right before the surge in Iraq.

After six months of Iraq heat and securing the streets of IED's, Alex and five other soldiers were ambushed by insurgents.

Alex lost his life.

Those who served with Alex say he always volunteered for missions; he even took the place of a fellow soldier the day of the attack.

His father, Alfredo Gonzalez said, "even the first sergeant told us that we ought to be proud of him. As much as he tried to bypass him not to volunteer on the next mission he was always waving his hand that he was ready to volunteer."

To honor his bravery and courage, Monday his name was etched into a monument at Memorial Middle School in Palmview.

Idalia Gonzalez, Alex's mother, says a great way to honor fallen soldiers on Memorial Day is to thank other service members or veterans for their service, or family members of fallen soldiers for their sacrifice.