Families grieve over fatal accident in Harlingen

The family of Christopher Cabriales grieved the loss of their loved one as they stood outside their Harlingen home.

However, they told Action 4 News that Christopher died while coming home from doing the one thing he loved most, fishing.

"He loved fishing and he loved hunting, said his mother, Elvira Cabriales. That's what helped him a lot to get through his father's death. The only way to keep him strong and going was to go fishing."

Christopher's family says it was a way of escape for the 20-year-old after losing his father, Noe Cabriales, last February in a tragic oil well explosion in West Texas.

His brothers say they will always remember Christopher's green eyes, a trait that only Christopher had out of all this brothers.

His mother also said people nicknamed him "Pecas" because of the many freckles on his face.

"He was always the person to help and give to others, said his brother, JD Cabriales. He was never the bad person. He was a good hearted kid."

The family did not know Vanessa Garcia, the teen who died alongside Christopher.

However, as a mother, Elvira Cabriales says she understands exactly what Vanessa's mother is going through.

"I share my grief with her, said Mrs. Cabriales. She is a mother like me. And I know she's going to go through with the loss of her daughter. I'm going to go through the same thing with my son."

Action 4 News spoke with Vanessa's family as well.

Although they did not want to speak on camera, they said Vanessa was full of life, and lived it to the fullest.

One cousin even said quote "She was who she was, and she was ours."