Families standing behind disgraced Mission police officers, Hidalgo County deputies

I TMm a father and as a father I have to support my son, Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino told Action 4 News. His son, Jonathon Trevino, is at the center a federal corruption investigation. More than 24 hours after his arrest"Sheriff Trevino broke his silence.

The world doesn TMt stop. We must continue serving the people of Hidalgo County the best way we know how to, Trevino said. My family and I will get through this-my son will get through this, and our department will get through this. The Sheriff TMs son along with Alexis Espinoza the son of Hidalgo Chief Rudy Espinoza, were officers with the Mission Police Department. Both have since been terminated from the department after being charged with allegedly stealing drugs and helping loads get through Hidalgo County. The two"along with two Hidalgo County deputies, Fabian Rodriguez and Geraldo Duran, were arrested. However, only Alexis Espinoza has faced a federal judge. According to court documents Espinoza confessed to protecting drug loads being driven through Hidalgo County. Sheriff Trevino said while he wants the law upheld"he told Action 4 News he will continue to support his son. I want to tell the people of this county that I TMm doing the right thing. We are fully cooperating with this investigation in all the ways that we can. That is the duty to the people of this county. In the same accord, he said this should serve as a reminder for all law enforcement officers that corruption for all law enforcement officers that break the law"will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.