Family: 99-year-old woman abused by family member

Just a year short of turning a century old, Julia Munoz is fighting for her life but not because she is dying of old age.

Her family is by her bedside praying for the best after suffering through several injuries.

The most disturbing part about seeing Julia in agony is knowing that one of their own family members allegedly abused the elderly woman, according to the family.

"She probably got angry at my mom| and kind of threw her in the wheelchair. I don TMt know, she says it wasn't no accident," son Juan Munoz said

Julia was rushed to the hospital with two broken ribs and bruising throughout her body.

The family said doctors told them there is little they can do given Julia's condition and old age.

Juan Munoz said he rushed from Houston to be by her side.

"It's not probably the first time she does something like that but not this bad like this time you know," he said.

The family claims this is not they first time Julia has been abused.

They said she was allegedly verbally abused by the same caretaker and they suspect there may be more history of abuse. The family reported the misconduct to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Service and the Donna Police Department.

They claim nothing has been done.

"She is 99-years-old. She is in good condition. Well, not good condition. She had a good memory, I think better than mine, Munoz said

Julias TM daughter, Anita, said her mother was able to remember the physical abuse.

On August 3rd, the elderly woman was able to tell investigators with the Donna Police Department and Texas Department of Aging and Disability exactly what happened. According to Anita, Julia told investigators "she lied, she threw me, she wanted to kill me."

"I dont know why she did that, a person like that only god knows...she's gonna get older you know from there only god knows, she said.

Julia is not getting better but is expected to be released from the hospital on Monday.

The Munoz family wants action.

They are upset about the inaction after the complaints were filed.

They said now they find themselves next to a hospital bed praying their mother makes it.

The Munoz family believes all of this could have been prevented if the authorities would have followed up with the abuse allegations.