Family calls death of Harlingen baby "unfair"

Family said baby Mason Villarreal was a silly and sometimes grumpy baby for the first couple months.

But as he got older, he was known for his radiant smile and deep dimples.

But now, Mason's family will see his smile no more.

"It was bad, said his grandmother Amanda Villarreal. It really was. It TMs unfair."

Mason, his mother Yvette, and a family friend were crashed into by an alleged drunk driver, sandwiching baby Mason between the trunk and the passenger seat.

"I saw [my daughter TMs] shirt full of blood, said Villarreal. I asked her if that was Mason TMs, and she said yes."

Doctors at Valley Baptist Medical Center initially said Mason wouldn't live through the night, but the family saw a glimpse of hope.

"We would sing ~one little, two little, three little indians, TM and he would respond to that," recalled Villarreal.

But that hope was short-lived.

Mason's condition worsened, and he was pronounced brain dead.

The family made the difficult decision to let Mason go on Wednesday evening, after, Villarreal says, the family said their last goodbyes.

"You see this out and about with other people and you feel bad for them, but when it happens to you, oh my god. It hurts."

20-year-old Joe Montez III is the driver allegedly drunk behind the wheel and responsible for Mason's death.

He was given a $450,000 bond and charged with intoxication manslaughter.

He is now awaiting trial at the Cameron County Jail.

Villarreal says she has only bitterness towards the man who took the life of her innocent grandson.

"Before I would say I don't hate him, I just hate what he did. But both stand for me. I hate him, and for what he did.

Baby Mason's story has gained valley-wide attention, with thousands of the emotionally affected commenting online.

Villarreal says she is proud of her grandson for fighting to live, but his inspiration has come at a tremendous price.

"We're happy because the support is out there for us, but look what it took."

A viewing for baby mason will be held on Sunday from 5pm to 8pm at Del Angel Funeral Home in Harlingen.

The funeral will be the next day, Monday morning at 9am.

The family has also opened up an account at IBC bank for anyone to come and make donations for expenses, it's under the names Yvette Villarreal and Santiago Villegas.