Family cites nursing home negligence for mother's deteriorating health

A La Feria family is demanding answers after they said they found their mother in deplorable conditions at a nursing home she had only been in for one day.

Isidora Martinez, 61, was placed in Valley Grande Manor in Brownsville by her family after being discharged from Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen after she underwent two major surgeries to remove a cancerous mass in her pancreas.

The family said their mother arrived in stable condition, but her health quickly deteriorated after arriving at Valley Grande Manor.

She went in, in stable conditions, Desi Martinez, Isidora TMs son said.

It took 16 to 20 hours for those conditions to take the change for a negative change; she hadn TMt been changed or bathe.

Desi Martinez, Isidora's son, said he found his 61-year-old mother soiled, her wounds were open and unclean, and the nurses call button did not work.

Desi said the facilities equipment and rooms were outdated and the bathroom was filthy.

He also noticed his mom's incisions from the surgeries were infected.

She told us she didn TMt want to be there anymore, they weren TMt treating her, taking care of her her son said.

Isidora's family immediately checked her out.

Desi claims a nurse refused to call for help, so the family called an ambulance.

Isidora was rushed back to the hospital where she was diagnosed with sepsis.

She had signs of sepsis which is a high fever, tachycardia, elevation of the heart rate, elevated respiratory rate and those are signs of infections, Desi said.

Action 4 news spoke with Paul Pineda, the administrator at Valley Grande Manor, he confirms he is aware of the alleged incident but could not comment.

Action 4 news also called the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, they confirm Isidora TMs family filed a complaint with their office.

They said they take complaints like this very seriously.

We also investigate every single complaint that is called into us, Cecilia Cavuto, media relations manager at Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. A small group of people or even an individual investigator going into investigate any regulation that would have affected the particular incident that was described to us during the complaint.

Anjanette Martinez, Isidora TMs daughter, told Action 4 Tuesday a representative from Valley Grande Manor visited her mom at the hospital and apologized.