Family claims caretaker is at fault after man fell to his death

Man pulled from Harlingen canal

New details are emerging after a man was found dead in a Harlingen Canal on Saturday.

His death could have been prevented if his caretaker had been doing her job, Cedillo TMs family said.

Cedillo suffered a seizure, plummeted into the canal and drowned, according to his family.

He was pulled from the canal on Saturday evening.

Cedillo was under the care of his landlord who was his primary caretaker, according to his niece Sandra Rodriguez. Rodriguez said her uncle suffered from schizophrenia and was on medication.

She said her uncle's caregiver had him living in deplorable conditions.

She described the place as being infested with roaches.

Rodriguez said there were roaches in the fridge and a stove that did not work.

She also claims the woman used scare tactics with Cedillo to control who he spoke with and controlled his bank account. Rodriguez wants police to hold this woman accountable for what she says is the negligence that led up to her uncle's death

"For her to have a little bit more of a heart and really want to help others, to help them I know I can't do nothing for Juan anymore at all, but other people that were around him loved him and wanted him and we all loved him. She took all that away from us," Rodriguez said. Rodriguez says she's also speaking out because there are several people under this woman's care and fears this could happen to someone else.