Family claims jealous girl threatened to kill newspaper staff

Text messages

Over 2,000 harassing calls and text message were sent to the Rodriguez family.

Michael Rodriguez, the uncle of the victim, said it is like a routine. The text message harassment starts from sun up to sun down.

"We've even also seen her and her boyfriend around our home following us on the road," Rodriguez said.

Alexandria Gonzalez has allegedly moved from focusing her threats towards the family, to directing the threats at Rodriguez TMs staff at the San Benito News. Gonzalez allegedly said she would shoot Rodriguez and those at the San Benito News, if stories continue to be published about her.

I TMm going to kill that news lady, was sent via text message to a family member TMs phone when reporter Veronica Gallegos was interviewing the Rodriguez family.

"They have routinely threaten us. We are threatened so much that it TMs become a daily part of our lives, like brushing teeth eating lunch| Rodriguez said

Rodriguez now lives in fear because of the text messages allegedly sent from Gonzalez suggests they are being watched.

The day before she was arrested, we came home around 5:30, and my wife noticed the back door was unlocked| and thought nothing of it, a few minutes later saying that they have been inside our house, and they were describing items in our house, Rodriguez said

The treats are over Rodriguez TMs neice TMs boyfriend of three years who previously dated Gonzalez.

The family plans on protecting themselves, despite the threats. "We will defend our home like i said we will defend it with deadly force," Michael Rodriguez said.

The family said they just want to have a normal life again.

Rio Hondo High School has taken precautionary measures to protect the alleged victim.

A law enforcement officer is posted outside the alleged victim TMs classroom at all times.

The San Benito Police Department and the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) task force is investigating the case.