Family Crisis Center in need of help

Many turn to the Family Crisis Center in Harlingen as a safe haven.

The center provides services to those in need in both Willacy and Cameron counties.

"Our numbers have gone up", said Brenda Heredia, Executive Director for the center.

The center has a shelter open 24 hours a day, and victims services are offered free of charge.

Heredia says it's about trying to keep up with the demand.

"Our numbers are up there competing with larger shelters", said Heredia.

The Family Crisis Center receives money from the state and federal government, but for every dollar awarded the center is expected to raise $ .20. "We haven't been able to do that", said Heredia.

The shelter is trying something new, hoping the community will join in.

It's called Shower the Shelter.

All you have to do is stop by Target or Bed Bath and Beyond and print out a Family Crisis Center registry.

"We're so proud to have a brand new shelter that we were able to be this year, but now we've got to put things in there that are need", said Heredia.

Simple household items such as blankets and pillows will go a long way.

If you do purchase something for the Family Crisis Center you can leave the items at the store for pick-up, or deliver the goods personally.

If your unable to give a monetary donation, the shelter is always looking for volunteers.