Family Dollar's CEO thanks Harlingen manager for ultimate selfless acts

If ever there's been someone to root for, it's Polo Yzaguirre.

Dubbed one of the most famous Family Dollar store managers in the company right now, it's Polo's actions that speak louder than words.

"What have people been saying since your story on Pay it 4Ward?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked.

"Everybody's coming in and thanking me," he said.

"Really?" Ryan asked.

"Yes!" Polo said. "They're telling me 'you're doing a real good job.'"

Last month, Polo bought a super hero coloring book for a mother of a child with autism when she had no money left to buy one for her crying son.

"Instead of making rude comments and getting after my child, you were very compassionate and understanding and did something no one has ever done," Alicia Lopez said to him last month on Pay it 4Ward. "My son walked out with a huge smile thanks to you."

Alicia turned to the Pay it 4 Ward program to reward Polo's selflessness at the Harlingen store along Harrison Avenue.

But in a twist, the father of 7, shocked everyone with his generosity shown next.

"I would like to give this money to you in my faith to help you out and buy him more toys," Polo said to Alicia last month.

He gave her his entire Pay it 4Ward prize--all $400!

"I'm speechless," Alicia said with a shocked look. "No one has ever done this for my kids."

Polo's selfless acts of kindness reached all the way to his company's CEO in North Carolina who saw the story online.

"Guys like Polo are who make Family Dollar what it is today," Howard Levine said.

In a Skype interview with Ryan Wolf, Levine, the man who's in charge of 60,000 employees across 8,000 stores, personally records a heartfelt thank you message for Polo that's shared with the Harlingen manager.

"First of all Polo, congratulations," Levine said in a taped interview that Polo watched on a cell phone. "What you've done not only represents Family Dollar but everybody who lives in this country. When I heard you had 7 children, I think it was, boy, I thought that would go a long way towards those kids with getting them clothing. But you turned around to give it the woman out there. It just touches you like nothing else I've ever seen before. We really appreciate all you do for Family Dollar and most importantly what you do for your community. It's just extremely special. You should be extremely proud and know that all of us are extremely proud of you."

Polo smiles after the message is played.

"How did that make you feel?" Ryan Wolf asked.

"Really good!" Polo responded. "I'm glad that I'm working for Family Dollar."

But the surprises for Polo aren't over just yet.

Remember the $400 dollars he gave away back in January?

GEF Financial Agency wants to reward that kindness.

But this time, Karen Gonzalez who's a spokesperson for the company, takes a different approach with the Pay it 4Ward prize.

"You have to promise me you're going to actually keep it this time?" she told Polo.

"I'll keep it this time," he said with a smile.

He's then given $400 in cash.

Polo admits it couldn't have come at a better time.

"It's going to be money I need for material for my house," he said.

Companywide recognition and cash, both can be traced back to a $1 coloring book and a man's desire to do good.

"I'm glad I did it," Polo said. "It's just me though. It's just me."

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