Family files lawsuit in hopes of keeping daughter's memory alive

A lawsuit filed by the South Texas Civil Rights Project on behalf of Laura S TMs family stated that the young mother of three begged and pleaded with Border Patrol agents not to deport her four years ago.

She told Border Patrol that her boyfriend would kill her"but still she was sent back to Mexico and a few days later her body was found in a burning vehicle.

The lawsuit does not state Laura TMs full name in order to protect her family who still fear Laura TMs ex-boyfriend.

A man only identified as "Sergio", who reportedly works for a drug cartel.

The lawsuit recounts events that took place the day she was killed.

According to the lawsuit, mere days after Laura arrived in Reynosa, Sergio found Laura at a hotel, attacked her, and nearly bit off her ear.

He allegedly took her from that location, strangled her, and left her body in a burning car.

"By short-cutting the constitutional process and just saying she wanted voluntary departure it took her life," Jennifer Harbury, attorney with Texas Rio Grande Valley Legal Aid, said.

She said had Border Patrol agents done their job correctly Laura might still be alive today.

"The law was very clear in this case, Harbury said. She had every right to wait just a few more hours, call a lawyer, and go before an immigration judge. She would have never been deported under those circumstances...with the police record and protective orders that she had. She was clearly at risk for her life."

Action 4 News contacted Border Patrol for a comment.

They said, at this time, they cannot comment on pending litigation.

While it will not change the outcome of what happened, Harbury and dozens of others continue to fight for justice for Laura---in hopes that this lawsuit will open the governments eyes and save more lives.

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