Family, friends remember teen found dead on UTPA campus

18-year-old Brenda Dominguez

A large group gathered in the UTPA Student Union Wednesday night to remember Brenda Dominguez, the teenager who was found dead on the same campus a few days ago.

The vigil was filled prayer and song

This was an emotional evening for students who were shocked by the news of a body found at the science building Monday morning, but especially for those who knew the 18-year-old.

"She was cheerful most of the time, said one her classmates. She had no problems or anything. I don't know why she would want to do this.

According to authorities, Brenda took her own life. They haven't released how, but construction workers walking on campus Monday found her body at the bottom of a stairwell.

Andres Rios said he can't believe his niece, who he describes as a good student, would commit suicide.

She loved school, said Rios. Her goal was to do something with her life, that's why we can't understand what happened. I hope they investigate it good because we know that she didn't commit suicide.

Rios remembers the girl as full of hope who was loved by all her friends.

He said Brenda didn't seemed troubled at all.

"She had so many dreams, said Rios. She was young and determined to do a lot of things.

President of UTPA, Dr. Robert Nelsen, gave an emotional speech during the vigil. He lost his only son to suicide.

Most in attendance took the time to reflect on what had happened to the 18-year-old Edinburg north high school student, sharing hugs in a show of unity.

Brenda's Aunt Janie said parents should always talk to their children to avert tragedy.

"At least asking your child are you ok today? said Rios. And if there is not a good response, ask a little more.

The vigil's organizers ended the event by asking attendees to embrace with a hug and to say peace be with you in honor of Brenda Domiguez.