Family living in tool shed due to park girl fraud

In December of 2010, Daisy Davila was about to give birth to her daughter Fe.

She thought that by December of this year she would be celebrating her daughter's first birth day inside a brand new home.

Instead, Daisy, her parents, brother and her daughter, are living in what was once her dad's tool shed.

"It was hard because we were planning on our thanksgiving dinner and her birthday which is on the 31st of this month, said Daisy. We were planning a party in our new home, which now we don't have.

Fighting back tears, Daisy says her family can be added to the list of alleged victim's of the La Feria Park Girl business. She says her parents gave Jo Leigh Ares, a $10,000.00 deposit for a double wide trailer last year.

They only received one half of the mobile home this September, but haven't been able to move in because the price that Ares quoted her doesn't match the price the builder Legacy is charging the family.

"The judge and police told us to go inside the mobile home but the lawyer told us not too, said Daisy. Because once we go in, we accept what Legacy's prices are and we can't afford their prices.

Daisy and her family sought help from Texas RioGrande Legal Aide. Their organization has a pending lawsuit against Ares on behalf of 43 alleged victims.

They are seeking court protection for the mobile home sales customers.

But Daisy fears the case could take months before it's resolved.

In the meantime, Daisy and her family are spending many cold nights in the tool shed in Laguna Heights.

It measures 36 feet by 10 feet. Her family doesn't have enough room to roam around.

It doesn TMt have heat or air conditioning, and they get their water from a sink outside the shed.

Daisy says this is the first Christmas, she can truly say she only wants one gift.

Basically that's what we want, said Daisy. Somebody to help us build a home because we don't have money to put a down payment on a different one.

As she holds her baby girl Fe in her arms, Daisy says for now her and her family are doing what they have to do to survive.