Family: Man confesses to stealing fundraising money

Moments after their story aired on Action 4 News, the Mendo family told Action 4 News the man they accused of stealing thousands from them---called and apologized.

Harman Mendo said Antonio Cisneros called her Thursday evening and promised to repay the $1,734.45 he took from them.

But Harmin told Action 4 News she does not care about the money---she only wanted him to admit what he had done.

"I don't care about the money, Harmin said. I just want him to admit that he took it and I want to let the people know the money did not go to Estrella."

The Mendo family lost their 9-year-old daughter Estrella to brain cancer last year.

The money raised by the community was supposed to help pay for funeral expenses---but that never happened.

According to a person with money was taken out by Cisneros on behalf of the Mendo family.

Jonathon Franks, co-founder of, told Action 4 News in a statement:

We were shocked and saddened to hear from Action 4 News of what has happened to the Mendo/Ramirez family. No parent should have to bury their child, and this situation only compounds that loss. Here is what we know: On 3/22/12 Give Forward paid $1734.45 to Mr. Cisneros for the benefit of the Ramirez family. The check we issued cleared our bank shortly thereafter. This situation was brought to our attention today, and we are actively attempting to figure out what happened. The integrity of our process is extremely important to us as we endeavor to best serve the countless families who use GiveFoward to raise the resources they need to cope with difficult situations. Again, our deepest sympathies go out to the Ramirez family, both for the loss of their daughter, and for the situation that has come to light in this report.