Family members detained during La Feria marijuana raid

Five members of a La Feria family are being held for questioning after authorities executed a search warrant and found several pounds of marijuana.

It all happened across the street from the La Feria Post Office at a home at 206 West 1st Street around 11:30 a.m. Thursday.

Jose Edward Sauceda lives at the home where it happened.

They told me that they had a warrant from the post office| several search warrants or something like that, Sauceda said. I don't know. He didn't say what the warrants were for. They just had warrants."

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service confirmed that that agents raided but referred any further questions to federal prosecutors.

Action 4 News contacted the U.S. Attorney TMs Office about the raid but officials said they could not comment at this time.

Sauceda said authorities searched their home and found small remnants of marijuana cigarettes and paraphernalia.

The 21-year-old La Feria man said authorities wearing bulletproof vests and carrying handguns found a small bundle with four to five pounds of marijuana in a tool shed.

Sauceda said his mother, his mother TMs boyfriend, his brother, his brother TMs girlfriend and his cousin were all taken to McAllen for questioning.

He said the raid leaves him and his 11-year-old brother alone and without a car for him to get to work.

Hopefully it doesn't get too bad and they'll be able to get out, Sauceda said. I know my little brother is going to be down because my mom's out there."

Sauceda told Action 4 News that he smokes small amounts of marijuana for personal consumption but doesn TMt know how the bundle got in the tool shed.

He said favors the legalization of marijuana but keeping cocaine and other substances illegal.

It doesn TMt do anything wrong to the people, Sauceda said. It relaxes people. It doesn TMt get people all hyped up or wanting to fight just like the way people when they get drunk or they way they do when they do cocaine or when they TMre on xanbars|those bars that people pop.

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