Family members seek justice for gravesite thefts

Erma Lee Cody and Alfredo Perez were an adorable couple who wanted to spend eternity together.Gavin Perez said "It TMs not fare that everyone else has vases, except for my family members, their vases were stolen."Perez said he and his family did all they could to make his grandparents final resting place special, now they look sad and empty, without their bronze vases.Perez said he believes that someone may have stolen them to make a profit. He says he has seen reports that there is an increase in people selling metals and believes that someone may be selling the bronze vases because he noticed several tombs had missing vases.Perez said, "They don TMt have anything else better to do, they probably needed money and that TMs the only way I guess they can make their money.

Gavin said that his entire family is sad and upset. It TMs an eye soar to see the two empty holes.Gavin said that he contacted the Memorial Park on Friday and they told him the vases are about $400.00. Money he doesn TMt have.Perez said "Someone cruel and cold hearted that doesn't have respect for their graves"Gavin said that if they purchased new bronze vases they will probably look into cementing them down to keep thieves from stealing them.Action 4 called Restlawn Memorial Park the answering service said they were closed.A representative did tell us that they would give the message to the director, they should be able to comment by Monday.