Family of 12 living in tractor-trailer surprised with presents

The Moya family is this week's Pay it 4ward recipients

They have a few mattresses, a television and a lighted Christmas tree inside the back of tractor-trailer parked in Hidalgo County.

It isn't much, but to the people in a family of 12 who live in the tractor-trailer, it's home.

"Tell me about the situation?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked the mother.

"It's that we started from scratch," Belia Moya said.

Action 4 News first introduced her family Tuesday night on Action 4 News.

Their story of love and togetherness, despite living without basic necessities, captured the hearts of people from around the nation, including Karen Gonzalez from FNB Insurance.

Our Pay it 4Ward partner traveled with Action 4 News to see their living conditions first-hand and to surprise them with presents for the holidays.

"First, I want to say thank you allowing all of us to be here," she said to the family. "We understand that you all have gone through a lot and you're doing everything you can to get back on your feet. So on behalf of FNB Insurance and Action 4 News, we're here to spread a little cheer by Paying it 4Ward to everyone here."

Karen pops her vehicle's trunk.

Joy fills the air at the sight of toys.

Karen gives Barbies to the twin girls.

"I love the Barbie," one little girl said.

There's a remote control car and hot wheels for the boys.

"It's cool," they said with a huge smile!

The seven children who actually sleep inside the tractor-trailer don TMt stop smiling as the presents are being handed out.

"It's a friendship bracelet," one of the older girl's said. "I love these. I thank everyone that helped get it."

Sergio Marquez is the oldest boy at age 14.

"Here's a $50 gift card for you," Karen said.

The generosity fills him with emotion.

"It makes me feel proud that people do care about what we're going through," Sergio said.

Mom isn't left out either.

Her surprise is last.

"Usually on the Pay it 4Ward program we hand out $400, so we want to give the $400 to you," Karen said.

Belia says the money will be used to help finish work on a restroom.

"It feels good," she said. "It's for some wood for the walls. That's what I'm going to do with this."

Currently there is no bathroom on the property.

The children are just happy to have toys.

They give high fives and hugs after receiving the gifts.

It's a family living with little but filled with so much love.

"Pay it 4Ward," the family said all together. "Merry Christmas!"

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