Family of acrobats drawing attention

Osorio troop

Everyone is welcome to attend a circus at South Motion Gymnastics Gym in Harlingen to see the Osorio troop perform their circus act on Saturday, May 11.

They are five generation of families that have joined the circus.

They left the ordinary life for a life of hard work and adventure.

"I didn TMt go to public schools or anything like that; I feel a bit different," Ruben Osorio said.

Osorio said most of his life he TMs been home-schooled.

He has traveled all around the world for work living a different kind of life than his friends in Harlingen.

One thing he says he won TMt change is his lifestyle.

"I don TMt see myself doing anything but the circus. It TMs my life," Osorio said.

Osorio said he remembers admiring his dad when his father was practicing and doing stunts and knew that one day it would be him performing.

"We do trapeze as well and since I was little I would always see them performing and I was I want to do that when I grow up and now I TMm able to do it," Osorio said.

The Osorio family plans to open their very own trapeze school in Harlingen.

If interested you can contact the Osorio family at 956-357-4919.

South Motion Gymnastics is located at 1108 South Commerce in Harlingen.

The family event is free.

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