Family of Brownsville teen killed by police hires lawyer

Brownsville Police said 15-year-old Jaime Gonzalez brought a pellet gun to school, pointed it at police and refused to put it down.

Police said they were forced to shoot Gonzalez. He later died.

Attorney Dale Kasofsky said Gonzalez TMs family will not accept police explanation.

"At this point there's a lot of hearsay, said Kasofsky. At a certain level I believe there's some self serving statements out there just assuming, 'Ok everything was fine. TM

The Gonzalez family hired Kasofsky Tuesday.

"Ultimately what the family wants which is just the answers to what happened, said Kasofsky.

Through public information requests Kasofsky aims to get those answers.

"We want the incident reports. We want the 911 tapes. We want video. We want investigation notes," said Kasofsky.

Kasofsky said he and the Gonzalez family are not yet talking about a lawsuit against police.

He said information is their priority.

"I certainly have not seen any of the backup information, said Kasofsky. Whether or not there is any video or anything to support was there a gun pointed at anyone?"

Kasofsky said Brownsville Police may have responded appropriately.

He said he will not form that opinion until he completes his own investigation.

Brownsville Police are not commenting any more on the case.

Attorney Ricardo Navarro is now representing police and the City of Brownsville.

Navarro is to answer any further questions.