Family of DWI victim warns against holiday drinking & driving

Ana Verley, Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving report that they service once victim every nine minutes and with the holiday season upon us they expect that number to increase.

At just 30 years old, the family of Luis Arguello said he had it all.

He was a very happy individual, Lilly Arguello, Luis TM sister, said. He was always hugging us|he was just very happy.

Lilly said he had a job he loved, fianc, and family that adored him.

We TMll never have him again, Lily said. It TMs been very hard and its TM really destroyed us.

It was just five months ago that Lily said her world turned upside down when her brother was killed by an alleged drunk driver.

"It TMs been very hard because we were so close to him and he was close to us," Lily said.

Since that day, Lily said her family has been torn apart.

When you decide to make that decision to turn on the engine and you TMre too intoxicated to drive---you know you TMre going to cause some harm to someone and hurt them like they TMve hurt us, Lily said. There is nothing they can do to bring out brother back.

To find a way to cope with the death of her little brother, Lily turned to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Senior Victim Service Specialist, Ana Verley, said the holidays are always the most difficult for family members but it is something she tries to help them through.

I TMm here to support them in whatever they might need, Verley said. This year we are having a support group right before the holidays. We want to get our victims together so they can network, talk, and help each other get through the holidays.

For more information on the support group, go to or call (956) 682-5928.