Family of killed Winter Texan doesn't want case forgotten

For many people Super Bowl Sunday is all about football, superstar half-time shows and those million dollar ads.

But since a year ago, Winter Texan Doug Anklem associates Super Bowl weekend with a family tragedy.

"I got a call on Friday saying that he had (gotten) rundown on his motorcycle, Anklem said. So I did get to see him on Super Bowl Sunday, but (I saw) him in the hospital so he was already - I'd say he was already gone," a teary-eyed Anklem said.

On February 6, 2011, Michigan native 63-year-old Jimmie Leonard Anklem and his wife Christine were struck by an alleged drunk driver, while riding on his motorcycle down Padre Boulevard, on South Padre Island.

Christine Anklem survived the crash but Jimmie Anklem did not.

According to authorities, the alleged drunk driver was South Padre Island Economic Development Corporation Director Darla Lapeyre.

She was arrested that night, and later charged with intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter.

Anklem said the criminal case has moved slow, and wants to ensure justice is served no matter Lapeyre's stature.

"Sometimes some of these things get pushed aside, Anklem said. I feel a lot has to do with who the people are, maybe what their status in the community. But they can be the greatest person in the world and do lots and lots of great things, but something was done wrong."

Anklem said his cousin Jimmie was a Vietnam U.S. Army Veteran and was always willing to lend a helping hand.

He adds that Jimmie did not deserve to die like he did.

He's hoping Lapeyre gets jail time if found guilty.

"You just can TMt throw a fine down and take a driver's license away for a couple of years and say, ~it's your first offense and hey that's great, be good for two years and we TMll let you have your life back, TM Anklem said. I don TMt think that's right either - this guy will never have his life back and his family will never be the same."

According to Cameron County District Attorney records, Lapeyre TMs trial is set for April 9, 2012.