Family of six concerned for safety after stray bullets hit their home

A fatal shooting Wednesday night hit too close to home for Marco Gomez as two bullets flew through his family TMs home.

"Our house got hit, Marco said. I check inside and there was two bullets...I just freaked out."

Marco said they found one of the casings and handed it over to Hidalgo County Sheriff Deputies.

He said the incident has left his family on edge.

"My mom is a little upset and my dad is just on the lookout if it happens again. I TMm just concerned for my brothers."

As for the victims involved in the shooting, Marco said he did not know Rodolfo Garza or the other two men"Rogelio Delgado and Americo Gutierrez.

"I've seen them driving around in their trucks--but I don't know who they are."

But as Marco stares at the two holes in the side of his home"he said he will never forget their names since he or someone he loves could have ended up in an ambulance like they did|.or even worse|.dead.