Family of slain ICE agent speaks about suspect's extradition process

Julian Zapata-Espinoza (aka El Piolin)

Just take a few steps inside Mary Zapata TMs home and it TMs apparent that the memory of her son is very much alive.

Her son, U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement Special Agent Jaime Zapata, was killed in the line of duty in Mexico back in February.

In a vision she had following her son's murder, Zapata said, her son pointed to his lips.

His voice has been silenced forever, but Zapata said it was a clear sign that it's up to her, to speak-up and seek justice.

For the grieving mother, justice means that everybody involved in the slaughter of her son faces the legal system in the United States.

The U.S government is looking to do just that.

On May 12th, U.S. officials made a provisional request to Mexican authorities for the extradition of Julian Zapata Espinoza, or El Piolin, believed to be the gunman who took Zapata TMs life.

Zapata said it's the only right thing to do.

"Most definitely, Zapata said. The Mexican government needs to get aggressive to fight crime and drugs, and make sure that these killings stop.

However, if the Mexican government refuses to extradite the alleged shooter, Zapata said she would be very upset.

"I would do something - find someway (of) making sure that the Mexican government - if they're asking for our assistance, for our financial assistance - comply with the policies and what needs to be done," she said.

Zapata said seeking justice for her son's death is not going to erase the fact that he's gone, but it will give the family some peace-of-mind during the most difficult time in their lives.

"I don TMt want Jaime forgotten," Zapata said.