Family of teen "jumped" at school say he shouldn't be punished. It's all caught on video.

Jessica Maldonado is speaking out for her 16 year old brother who was sucker punched in the hallway at San Benito High School and it was all caught on a camera phone.

"He turned to the left and a guy hit him."

The person filming the moments before the fight and the actual altercation is heard yelling obscenities at Jessica's brother and even eggs on the fight when it starts.

Jessica says that's proof enough that her brother was the target of a planned attack on campus.

"The guy punched him and my brother hit him back in self-defense."

Luckily the fight was broken up quickly and neither student suffered any injuries but the Maldonado family are fired up because Jessica's brother was punished as if he had initiated the fight and given 15 days at a redirection center also known as a boot camp.

"He's a first time offender. He's never been in trouble. He doesn't fight."

The family tried to appeal the principal's decision but a review committee determined he would have to serve out the time at the center.

The student who threw the first punch was suspended as well, but the family wants to know why more wasn't done to the student videotaping the assault on their loved one.

"They were bullying him and calling him names, even the "N" word. That's not right."

His mother refuses to send him to the "boot camp" and has taken desperate measures, withdrawing him from school altogether.

We took the concerns to the San Benito school district who says they will not overturn the principal's decision.

They say the fight itself was against the student code of conduct and that the center he was remanded to provides a learning environment where counseling is also made available.

The Maldonado's say they are considering moving the teen to another state with a family member to avoid punishment they believe he doesn't deserve.