Family of Two Missing Children Blames Mother for their Disappearance

A family photo shows a smiling Bobby Veliz, the father of 10-year-old Brandon and 5-year-old Ami.

He's a navy sailor from the valley, currently stationed in Wisconsin.

And he hasn't seen his children in over a month.

Veliz alleges his ex-wife has taken his kids illegally, and Veliz's current wife agrees.

"She knew that Bobby was coming to see the kids, because she had his itinerary and she had the children's itinerary, said Stephanie Veliz, stepmother of the missing children. So she basically took off."

The father registered his two children as missing with the National Registry of Missing and Exploited Children.

Mission Police have confirmed that they have been working closely with the registry to locate these children.

Their stepmother, Stephanie Veliz, skyped with us from their Wisconsin home

"My husband, being in the military, it's really hard for him to up and leave his duties to go fight for his kids. He's fought overseas, when he came back he was fighting for custody of his kids. So it's been a never-ending battle."

Bobby Veliz now has full custody of Brandon and Ami since his ex-wife violated the visitation terms in the divorce decree, keeping the children from him and his parents.

Grandfather Joe Veliz has been helping his son fight these legal battles here in the valley.

"She brought it upon herself, the grandfather said. All we wanted to do was the right thing, to see the kids. We don't know the well-being of the kids and basically that's what we want to know, if they're fine."

"Nobody knows if the children are alive or dead, the stepmother said. They don TMt know if they're healthy, if they're sick. They don't even know their whereabouts."

Mission police arrested Amanda Alvarez last week for the custody terms violation, but her $250,000 bond was dropped, and she was released from jail on Monday without providing any answers as to the children's whereabouts or safety.

All the family wants is to know their children are safe, and want them to come home.

"Brandon, Ami, we love you. We miss you, said grandfather Joe Veliz. We hope we get to see you soon. Your nana misses you a whole lot too."

Mission police are actively looking for the children, who have both been registered as missing not only locally, but nationally.

They also say it is possible that an Amber Alert could be put in effect if the children are not found soon.

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