Family of woman killed in DWI wreck blames justice system

A Hidalgo County family told Action 4 News that they blame the justice system for the death of their daughter at the hands of a drunk driving suspect.

Michelle Lynette Guerrero was riding in a Volkswagen alongside her 27-year-old husband Jesse Guerrero early Saturday morning.

A Chevy Cobalt driven by 24-year-old Belinda April Cruz slammed into the couple at the intersection of Jackson and Schunior Roads in Edinburg.

Cruz appeared before a judge on Sunday where Guerrero's family said her death is a loss for everyone around her.

"I understand she's had two previous DWI's," Guerrero's uncle David Ault said in Edinburg's Municipal Court. "Why does she still has a valid driver's license?

That was the first of many questions the family of a woman killed in a drunk driving accident on Saturday morning are asking.

Authorities identified Cruz as a medical assistant who had two previous DWI's before this fatal accident that killed a wife, daughter and stand-up citizen in the community.

"The community lost a great potential, and of course we lost a daughter," Guerrero's father told Action 4 News.

The family stood in front of the judge after the arraignment telling him how their daughter worked as a pediatric nurse, where her job was to save the lives of others.

Guerrero's mother even read a text message her daughter sent shortly before her death, saying a patient had called her daughter an "angel on earth."

Her mother says Guerrero's now an angel in heaven.

Too distraught to speak on camera, she cried in her husband David TMs arms after the arraignment.

That's where he told Action 4 News that he has little faith in the Hidalgo County justice system.

"My son was hit by a drunk driver several years ago and that person had seven DWI's," the grieving father said. "When they're out there with seven, they might as well be out there with three, or fifty. The Hidalgo County court system or maybe the Texas judicial system does not do an efficient job getting these people off the road.

Cruz faces intoxicated manslaughter charges for Michelle Guerrero's death, plus intoxicated assault for injury of her husband Jesse.

Both charges total to a bond up to $500,000 dollars.

The funeral arrangements for Michelle Guerrero are still pending while her husband Jesse is still in the hospital in critical condition.