Family of wounded Edinburg marine asking for prayers

An Edinburg family is asking for prayers after their U.S. Marine son who was wounded while serving his fourth and final tour in Afghanistan.

Marine Sgt. Jacob's De La Garza TMs family told Action 4 News that they are keeping him in their prayers.

Brother Javier De La Garza said Jacob has always been very active and its going to be tough for him to deal with his injuries.

Javier said there is little known at this time about how his brother was injured.

The brother said he knows is that Jacob was hit by shrapnels when an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded while Jacob was serving in Afghanistan on Saturday.

Javier, who works as a Edinburg Police Department investigator, said doctors were able to save his arm but his leg is in danger of partial amputation.

It's going to be tough because he's one of those type of person that can't stay still, Javier said about his wounded brother. He's very active. Sports football, basketball, and now that he possibly might not have a foot, it's going to be very devastating|very devastating for him.

Javier said he remains confident that his brother will overcome.

I guess we'll just have to get through this but right now that's what worries me the most is that how he is going to cope with him maybe not having the same capabilities that he used to have, Javier said.

But Action 4 News learned that this isn't the first time Jacob has been injured in combat.

One side of his face was wounded during an attack where Javier was the only one to survive.

Javier said it TMs been difficult for Jacob to overcome and now more than ever he will need everyone's support.

Edinburg Mayor Richard Garcia and the whole City Council sent a statement offering their heartfelt prayers to Jacob TMs family.

Javier said once Jacob is back in the United States, the De La Garza family will fly out to be by his side.