Family pays final respects on Christmas

For the first time in years, all of the Torres siblings were together for Christmas in Harlingen.

It was something their father always wanted, but it only happened after he passed away Friday, from a heart attack.

On Sunday, the family paid their final respects to their 67-year-old father Juan Torres.

"(During Christmas), I look just to be with my parents and for them to be happy and for us to be together, Miriam Torres, the couple TMs youngest couple said.

But I guess God didn't want my dad to be with me this Christmas."

Widow Maria Aurora Torres said during her 44 year marriage, there's been no worse Christmas.

The family now has to figure out how to come-up with nearly $5,000 to pay for funeral expenses.

Maria Torres hopes to bury her husband in the back yard, not just to be close to him, but also because the family can't afford a burial plot.

"If he's buried here, at least I TMll be able to go tell him anything that happens to me," Maria Torres said.

Family members said they're looking to get a permit from Cameron County, to allow them to bury Torres in their three-acre back yard.

County officials said there's an application process to make sure certain criteria is met.

"He used to say that if he were to pass, that he wanted to be buried here, Maria Torres said, but if it's not possible, we'll have to go to a cemetery."

Looking forward, Maria knows finances will be tough " she and her husband depended on disability checks, but now that TMs down to just one check.

Maria hopes it'll be enough, to keep her husband close to home, where ever it is they have to bury him.

To help the Torres family with funeral expenses call Sandra Torres at (956) 200-0256.