Family pet mauled and killed by loose pit bulls

A family pet was attacked and killed by two pit bulls.Brittany Hickel was devastated when she saw her 300lb. Alpaca named 'Kimo' dead.She said he didn't stand a chance."It TMs so heartbreaking when I found out what happened I was crying and crying and my son saw him and he kept saying Kimo, Kimo and we had to dig a grave," Hickel said.Brittany said the two pitbulls are running loose in an Edinburg neighborhood on Seminary Road.Family members believe 'Kimo' was trying to protect a horse the dogs were attacking.They fear children could be next."Once they've tasted warm blood, they'll take down anything they'll take down a child," Connie Ellison said.Ellison is Brittany TMs grandmother. She said she tried to help ~Kimo, but it was too late.The pit bulls had already torn several of Kimo's body parts.Brittany who cared and loved her pet Alpaca for 4 years said an attack of this magnitude is something she never expected."It was horrible. It was gross the way they did it. One got him from the front. One got him from the back. He could not be saved. Reagan rushed him to the vet... They said they had to put him down," Ellison said.According to animal control the dogs could not be found and they say it's one of the worst attacks they've seen.Brittany said Kimo can never be replaced.The Alpaca was a special gift from her grandmother.Click here to follow Veronica on Facebook

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