Family questions safety at chemical plant


The family of a worker at the chemical plant in Louisiana experienced the explosion yesterday and he thinks there should be more government regulations to keep workers safe.

Celeste Salinas said her husband Robert Salinas just missed the deadly blast after he was having car trouble yesterday morning and was late to work.

Salinas said her husband took a job at the plant about a month ago after hearing about the job.

Although the job pays a decent salary, Salinas said she was concerned about her husband TMs safety after hearing the plant had experienced a fire before.

A lot of accidents happen there, it TMs a risk they take, it TMs not only him, it TMs a lot of guys, Salinas said.

Officials are investigating the cause of the explosion, and the FBI has ruled out terrorism.

The chemical plant produces highly flammable gases that are used to make plastic, and it is just one of dozens in the area.

In the shadow of the West fertilizer plant incident that claimed a dozen lives, Salinas believes more regulation on chemical plants are needed.

They should, it TMs for the safety of the employees that work there, Salinas said.

Robert is heading home to Mission for a week, but he will be transferred to another chemical plant when he returns to Louisiana.

He said the money is too good to pass up.

They say there TMs no jobs here and that TMs a very good paying job, but it TMs a risk he is taking, Salinas said.

Salinas hopes the next chemical plant her husband works at will have safe working conditions.