Family reacts to Pharr man stabbing elderly mother, stepfather

Pharr police are investigating what may have caused a man to stab his 71-year-old mother and his stepfather.

While no motive has been established yet, the suspect has been charged.

Pharr police said Pedro Espinoza has a criminal record including family violence.

A relative tells Action 4 News that the family violence includes the stabbing of a nephew seven years ago.

Blood stained cement lines the walkway to Maricruz Sepulveda's home.

It's where the 71-year-old was allegedly stabbed by her own son, Pedro Espinoza.

"Poor guy, he's ill," said neighbor Arnoldo Mendoza.

Police said Espinoza stabbed his mother three times before turning the knife on his 62-year-old stepfather.

"Last night we were eating and all of a sudden we saw cops and by the looks of it, he had injured his parents," said Mendoza.

Police said it happened Wednesday night around 8:30 at the 100 block of Cardinal Avenue in the Las Milpas area of Pharr.

When officers arrived, they said they found Espinoza and his stepfather Guillermo Sepulveda struggling by the kitchen with a knife.

Officers said Espinoza stabbed his mother Maricruz Sepulveda three times in the chest before stabbing his stepfather in the arm.

Neighbor Arnoldo Mendoza said he wasn't necessarily shocked by the news.

"He had been pacing the streets for a couple of days for no reason...he was a little crazy," said Mendoza.

Dania Martinez is a neighbor and said she is related to Espinoza by marriage.

Espinoza and her cousin Laura Ramirez have two teenage children.

Neighbors said that Espinoza's children came to visit him the day of the incident.

Martinez said the children live in Arkansas but came down during their sping break to see him because they hadn't seen him in years.

"We were scared that he would be aggressive because seven years ago he stabbed his nephew," said Dania Martinez.

Police said Espinoza's mother is in the hospital and in stable condition while his stepfather was released from the hospital Wednesday night.