Family Receives Donations for Christmas

It started as a Call 4 Action, and now the Valley is helping a Mission family to have their first Christmas celebration.

Wednesday morning, Santa's helpers delivered dozens of toys, clothes and food for the family of six, living inside a 60 square foot trailer.

Santa's helpers were none other than Tony and Mindi Williams.

After learning about the conditions the Urbano family was living in they decided to take action and contact Action 4 News.

Along with six children of their own, the Williams hope to make a difference in the Urbano TMs lives.

"I TMm thankful for everyone that donated and that are helping us," mother Reyna Sanchez told Action 4 News.

She said she is especially grateful for the Williams TM family support.

They collected some 400 dollars and provided them with the toys, food and clothes.

"This year we will be celebrating," Sanchez added.

As Action 4 News first reported, the Urbino family would go to bed early each Christmas.

But that will not be the case this year.

They said there are plenty of reasons to celebrate their first Christmas.

"My kids will be better because of this, someday they will also help out those who are in need, Sanchez concluded.

Yet despite all the donations, the Williams family said this Mission family is still in great need and they encourage others to continue donating.

If you have been blessed in this life try and give something back, Mindi Williams said. She and her husband Tony took the initiative of collecting donations for the Urbino family.

Try to give just a little bit of yourself back because that TMs what the holidays are all about, she said.

If anyone is interested in donating to the Urbino family, contact Mindi and Tony Williams at (956) 627-0115.