Family remembers elderly Santa Rosa couple killed in bee attack

Richard Steele and his 90-year-old parents were working at their ranch in Hebbronville when he said they were attacked by bees.

"We had some kind of rat in the attic and we had a few bees and my dad said i want to get rid of the bees said Richard Steele.

And that TMs when the trouble began.

Richard thought his dad William T. Steel would be ok as long as he was spraying from inside his truck.

The next thing he knew, his father was honking the horn and driving in circles covered with bees.

Richard quickly took his father inside the home.

Once he got the bees off, Richard went to get some Benadryl but it was too late, his father stopped breathing.

"There's just nothing you can do, we were isolated " said Richard.

He picked his father up and took him back to the truck.

Neither Richard nor his mother Myrtle Steele saw what happened next coming.

"As I was trying to open the door, I dropped him and I couldn TMt pick him back up, that TMs when my mother came out and she got covered in bees," said Richard.

With the lack of cell phone service, Richard was unable to call for help.

So he drove for about 20 miles to a pay phone, but was too late.

His mother would later die at the hospital.

Richard said his parents died together in a place where they loved.

I don TMt think they would want it any other way," Richard said.

Funeral services will be Thursday at 10am at mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Raymondville.

His mother was the last surviving founder of that church.