Family remembers murder victim killed in cold blood

Sister and brother of Jolissa Rangel

Edinburg Police are still investigating several leads this weekend to find the three men they believe are responsible for the murder of a young mother found shot to death in her apartment.

The Rangel family is still in shock. Action 4 spoke to 20 year old Jolissa Rangel's younger brother and the sister that she lived with.

They said Rangel was a loving mother, sister, and daughter in the prime of her life.

She had just received a promotion at work and was saving up to buy a home. But just days before her 21st birthday on Tuesday, it was all taken away.

A beautiful floral arrangement hung just inches away from yellow tape.

It TMs where Rangel was found shot dead Friday evening in her apartment that she shared with her 2-year-old son Eloy and older sister Joanne.

"On the road I hear from someone else. They're like, 'they shot your sister!' I just went crazy," recalled Joanne Rangel.

Joanne said she rushed home to make sure her little sister was alright.

"[I was] hoping for the best, but the worst was to come," she explained.

Jolissa was one of eight children, her younger brother Jose Rangel Junior flew back from Washington state when he heard what had happened. The last time he saw Jolissa was on the Fourth of July.

"I just wish I had never left because I could have been here to protect her like the way she always protected me. her brother said.

Right now, they're biggest priority is caring for 2-year-old Eloy.

"He doesn TMt-I don TMt think he knows...I mean how do you explain to a 2-year-old kid that he's never going to see his mommy again?" asked Joanne.

Both said the reality is unreal, since their beloved sister Jolissa Rangel is gone.

This tragic thing it TMs just me and my sister here. [This will] make us push each other forward more-just to do it for my sister, said Jose Rangel.

She was like a link, like we TMre a chain and they broke it. But we're going to stick together-we're going to stay strong for my sister and her son," added Joanne Rangel.

Funeral arrangements for Jolissa Rangel have yet to be set.

Meanwhile, Edinburg Police said their investigation is revealing the shooting is not random and that Jolissa was targeted.

Investigators describe the suspects's vehicles as three newer pickups.

Vehicle one: A dark colored, possibly black Ford F-150.Vehicle two: A light colored, possibly silver, Ford F-150 with a chrome/silver toolbox.Vehicle three: An unknown darker make and model truck.

They are urging anyone with any information to call the Edinburg Crime stoppers hotline at 383-TIPS.

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