Family searching for dog who escaped from boarding kennel

Greg Gilson and Caroline Miles love their dog Lulu, so every time they go on vacation, it's hard to leave her behind.

They boarded her at a trusted kennel she's stayed at before.

The purebred German shepherd arrived at Paws and Claws in Edinburg last week when her owners left to England, but she's now missing.

Paws and Claws owner Gayle Pierce says Lulu and two other dogs escaped from the compound which pet owners believed to be secure.

I found kennels open with no dogs inside," said Pierce.

Lulu's owners stuck in England are devastated that she was able to get away.

They made a Call 4 Action from England after being notified by Paws and Claws and want answers as to how this could have happened.

Pierce says one of the dogs who arrived late at night is known to flip latches, but the managers were not made aware of it.

Now that dog is suspected of being the leader in the break out which involved getting through several doors and fences.

"They flipped the latch to the kennels, pushed open the door leading to play yard and then flipped the latch of the play yard gate and made their way toward the front of the property," said Pierce.

That automatic swinging gate was apparently faulty that night and did not shut after the last customer left the driveway giving the dogs full access to the roadway just off of highway 107.

Lulu's owners are concerned that she is injured or dead since she was known to chase cars.

Pierce says she's made an honest effort to find Lulu by walking through nearby neighborhoods where she found two of the escaped dogs.

She TMs posted flyers and is offering a $2,000 reward for Lulu.

Caroline Miles says a part of her family is missing and she feels someone should be held responsible.

Lulu's escape prompted Paws and Claws to place locks on the latches to all of the cages so another pet owner who trusts in them won't get their heart broken.

Lulu is 5 years old, blackish-brown in color, was wearing a brown leather collar with a pink heart tag when she went missing and has large ears.

Her last location was Tower Road and 107 in Edinburg.

If you have any information even if it TMs about where her body might be, call (956) 384-9301.