Family searching for Sergio Ramirez

The Ramirez brothers stick together.

They watch out for one another, and spend a lot of time with each other just like they did Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Now one of them has disappeared.

"I saw him at 3:30 in the morning. My neighbors saw him at 4 o TMclock in the morning when he was coming into my house, but he's been missing since."

Orlando Ramirez was with his 27 year old brother all night long, drinking, enjoying them selves over the Memorial Day weekend.

Sergio was supposed to spend the night at Orlando's.

He got on facebook at his house and made some calls, but come the next day, he was gone.

There's no reason, according to his family, that he would willingly stay away for several days and ignore their calls.

"He's a full time student, he's out for the summer, he's going to attend summer two. He TMs a very likeable person, loves kids, and he was supposed to meet my sister and her kids Sunday to say goodbye."

They've filed a missing persons report and are fearing the worst.

The Ramirez brothers have been searching canals off of roadways in Weslaco and all the way to Edinburg to see if Sergio and his truck are in the water.

"We've gone through county roads 493 and 107. We checked some canals in Weslaco and all the way to Edinburg in case an accident happened, but nothing has come up yet," said Ramirez.

Sergio's brothers say he did call a female friend to say he was going over early Sunday morning, but she told him not to.

Either way, he never showed up anywhere.

He has no known enemies, no psychological or health issues, no reason to leave everything behind.

The family has turned to facebook where he last send messages to get his friends and anyone who cares involved in the search for Sergio.

On facebook, we posted his pictures of him and his truck. We TMre asking for anything that can help lead us to him and bring him home to my mother and to my family."

Sergio would have been in his truck which is a Red 2000 Ford Ranger with Michigan plates 7KLN93.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, please call 956-463-1540/956-355-1806 or Weslaco Police.